Around 2018 July I consulted a gynaecologist with suspicion I had reoccurring ovarian cysts. During the consultation my husband and I were informed it’s much more serious than a cyst, I had a gigantic tumor on my left ovary and was booked for an operation. The tumor was removed I was thrilled now my husband and I could continue with the rest of our lives because at the time we were newly weds.

We received a called from the doctor to come and remove the stitches two days before the agreed date, which we found very odd but didn’t think much of it. We got to the doctor’s office by the looks on his face we knew he had to tell us something serious: “your tumor was sent to the lab to be tested and you have borderline malignant tumor” and he also made an appointment with the oncologist.

My world was shattered. I just got married and I might die from ovarian cancer, childless, there I was thinking to myself at the oncologist reception area.  I was in between doctors and also had to undergo C.T scans and M.R.I, I was a regular at the hospital. After few check ups I was back again at a gynaecologist who suggested I should urgently do a I.V.F which is not covered by medical aid and cost R80 000 in cash, then he can remove the womb . At this point I had lost all hope but I needed a second opinion before taking such drastic measures.

I was referred to Dr Tebogo Deo who ticked all the boxes: attentive, analytical, gracious, passionate and trustworthy. She handled our issue with utmost sensitivity. With the given medical history, removing the womb was not on the table, IVF was on hold while we wanted to try for artificial insemination. When my periods were late I assumed my cycle had changed. We were pregnant without any other procedures performed. Jehovah must have been residing in Dr Deo office, happy was an understatement. We always looked forward to seeing her. I was since cleared, no tumors, and we are blessed with a healthy, beautiful baby girl named Nkazimulo Hlulani. Revelation 4:11 ”You are worthy, Jehovah our God, to receive the glory/nkazimulo and the honour and the power, because you created all things, and because of your will
they came into existence and were created”.